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Governing Body

The apex administrative body of the college is the ‘Governing body’ constituted according to the norms laid down by the state government and the University statutes, in which apart from the President and Secretary, four members (two each) are the nominees of the state government and the affiliating university, four members are from teaching staff and two members are from non-teaching staff. The College has the statutory body of students’ union council and the General Secretary of this council is also the member of the Governing body.

The member of the Governing Body at present are:
01. Mrs. Ratna Mani Lama, Social Activist   –   President
02. Mrs. Lakshmi Pradhan, Teacher-in-Charge  –  Secretary
03. Dr. Jas Yonjan    –  University Nominee
04. Ms. Namrata Pariyar   –     University nominee
05. Mrs. Prava Chettri    –  Govt. (D.P.I.) Nominee
06. Mr. Pranoy Thapa    –  Govt. (D.P.I.) Nominee
07. Dr. S.P.Molommu, T.C. Secretary   – Teacher Representative
08. Mr. G.P. Sharma      –  Teacher Representative
09. Mrs. Tara Lohar      -Teacher Representative
10. Mr. S.K. Santra     – Teacher Representative
11. Mr. Ramesh Thapa   –   N.T.S. Representative
12. Mrs. Bernadette Gurung  –   N.T.S. Representative
13. Mr. Bhupen Tamang, General Secretary   –   Students Representative